The Bikes

Cycle Isle Trax Mountain Bikes have been purchased from Wight Mountain in Newport.

Each MTB has been built by qualified technicians and are all perfect for the uses they have been purchased for.

Strongly made and properly equipped to deal with the Pump Track and Cycle Skills, but easy to ride too.

Other bikes are equally suited to use on our equipment too.

Scott YZ20 Jump Bikes

picture of YZ20 bike

The Scott YZ20 Jump Bike are a solid reliable bike that can be used for dirt jumps, street or, as we use them, on the pump track.

Easy to ride and in a subtle shade of green.

They are solidly built and have a mountain bike control layout. Discs brakes front and rear help with control and the tyres are particularly suited to pump track use. Suspension forks keep the front end smooth.

Low stand over height gives better control and enables them to be used by a wide range of people.

Sizes small, medium and large are available.

All built up by the professional team at Wight Mountain in Newport.

Scott 20 inch YZ20

Picture of yz20 bike

A 20 inch wheeled version of the YZ20 and suitable for the smaller rider.

The bike has a very sturdy frame and solid components.

V brakes for stopping and easy twist grip shifting for smaller hands. Suspension forks keep the smaller rider comfortable.

Perfect for the pump track.

As you can see it comes in a subtle orange colour too.

Yet again, built up for us by Wight Mountain technicians.

The Other Ones

Fro Systems Renegade Mini BMX

Picture of regegade bike

The mini BMX is for the rider who feels that riding a pump track is all a bit easy.

Single speed drive train, no brakes and thick grippy tyres all add to the fun of this BMX.

Full size bars help adults easily ride a bike that looks like it is only for children, it isn’t.

Solidly built to take tricks and hard riding. But also a challenge to ride on the pump track.

Eastern Night Wasp

Picture of wasp bike

A strongly built BMX with 20 inch wheels and single rear brake, and single speed freewheel.

Perfect for riding the pump track.

A good choice for anybody familiar with BMX bikes and something that will roll well on our mobile track too.

Safety Equipment


All helmets meet and exceed current safety standards for cycling helmets in the UK and Europe.

They are all hard-shell helmets with rapid adjustment systems to fit a varied and wide range of head sizes.

Picture of safety helmet

We do not recommend the wearing of wrist guards, knee pads or elbow pads on the pump track as these will inhibit your handling of the bike, and a pump track is a safe environment to ride, in general.