Cycle Skills

Our cycle skills equipment includes a range of features, which can be used as part of the track or as standalone features. They are designed to be great fun with each feature offering something different to the rider.

The features are:-

  • Snake
  • Limbo
  • Rollers
  • Seesaw
  • Ramps
  • Kickers
  • Table Tops
  • Skinnies
Picture of track features


Picture of snake feature

A snake is all about balance and control. The rider focuses on a point in distance and tries to ride along the snake without dropping off the side. The snake can be rotated to make it progressively more difficult.

The snake can be started as a straight line and then as the riders learn how to do it, you rotate one joint at the end and progressively rotate each joint to make it progressively more difficult. With all joints fully rotated the rider will have to hop the back wheel.

A snake is ideal for those riders that think things are easy, we can make it more difficult to challenge the riders. A snake is also ideal for adults and parties, whereby you get a drink or some food each time the rider rides along it or a forfeit if they don’t. Warning: it does get quite competitive!

picture of snake feature


The limbo bar consists of two uprights and a plastic cross bar. The uprights have slider mechanisms which are held in position. The plastic bar simply sits on the shoulder of the slider. It is important that the bar can simply fall down if the rider hits it.

We start the limbo at a height, which requires the rider to turn their neck to ride underneath it. Then we slowly lower the bar until it requires the rider to get off the seat to the back of the bike. There is a technique where the rider leans the bike one way and themselves the other. Its great fun.

The limbo set is designed to be used as a bunny hop bar, the bar is set at the lowest setting and the rider and the bike has to jump over it. We then raise the bar to make it progressively more difficult.

picture of limbo feature


A seesaw is always a great hit at any event, they are challenging and fun at the same time. Some riders simply jump over them whilst others take their time and bit by bit learn how to ride one.

The Seesaw always generates lots of interest from riders.

Picture of See-saw feature

Kicker-Ramp & Table Top

The kicker, ramp and tabletops can be used as standalone features especially if you have a downward slope or they can be joined together to make a full assembly. The assembly has been designed and tested to ensure the rider can jump and land safely. They are great for teaching and showing the rider (especially teenagers) how to jump and land correctly.

Picture of kicker feature

A kicker effectively kicks the rider into the air. It requires a lot of technique to compress the front of the bike and move the weight backwards. Once mastered the rider can easily jump the whole length of the table top and land safely on the down ramp.

Rumble Strip

A rumble strip emulates roots or obstacles that you might find out on a trail. The aim is to teach the riders how to move their weight to the back and then to the front as they ride over it. Most riders simply ride their bike over it. This feature will teach the rider how their weight on the bike makes a big difference to how obstacles are approached and ridden.


A skinnie is a long thin feature which requires balance, control and focus for the rider to complete. They are ideal for teaching and gaining confidence.

picture of skinnie feature