Party Events

The Pump Track and Cycling Skills make a perfect set up for a Party.

Picture of party balloons

It will offer you a unique party, that will keep the children entertained for hours, and even the adults can join in too.

For competitive children we can offer timed races, or just a riding experience that they will remember.

Our Cycle Skills setup offers even more variety and fun.

The equipment we have on offer is as follows:

  • Seesaw
  • Limbo
  • Snake
  • Skinny
  • Cone layout
  • Tables
  • Ramps
  • Kickers

All these can be at your party too.
They are all described within the contents of this site, if you need any further information, contact us or give us a phone call.

Our minimum age for parties is 5 years and above.

The Pump track can be altered to suit your needs and space requirements.
If you have a limited area, indoors or out, the modular nature of the track means that we can adapt it to fit.

The track can be made into a snake course, see the section on this website under snake; we can also flatten the corners to make the track rideable by Dirt Scooters and even Space Hoppers. Your party will be unique to you and your children, or even adults, there is no upper age limit!

Depending on your chosen location we may need to have a site visit to discuss with you what you want and to see the type of layout we can offer.

We are fully insured and all the safety equipment is supplied.

The bikes, helmets and gloves are all included, and we can also offer party bags at extra cost to help make the party easier for you.

Our setup times are up to 1.5 hours depending on the elements we need to install. That also means that we will need a similar amount of time to take it down.

Our minimum party time is 1 hour, which is 3 hours on site for our team. We have tried to keep our prices competitive.

The price for a 1 hour party session is £175
For a 2 Hour party session the price is £225
For a 3 Hour party session the price is £ 275
The above prices are Island wide, for the mainland, travelling time will be charged.

There is no minimum number of children or adults, but the more people at the party, the less time each participant has on the Track and Cycle Skills!

Please do contact us with your requirements, as we will be only too happy to help.