What is a Pump Track?

A Pump Track is a continuous loop that you can ride without pedaling. You can actually gain speed by "pumping" the rollers and as you make your way round the track.

Pumping involves moving your body weight backwards and forwards as you cycle the rollers, giving yourself speed to get around the berms or corners.

They are great fun and make great training for riders of all styles, levels and ages.

Our Track

The track is just over 40m in length and covers an area of approximately 17m (l) x 6m (w) and is made up of a number of different features and sections which when put together form an oval track. The track is between 750mm and 1m wide and no more than 300mm from the ground. It provides a safe environment for all abilities of riders and is wide enough for the rider to put their feet down or to be helped around the track.

The modular design of the track sections enables the layout of the track to be changed to suit a specific area or ground type. The layout shown below is just one of a number of configurations with options to create a closed loop or stand-alone features to make a larger layout.

The features are 40m in length requiring an area of 10m x 10m can be integrated into the track or used as standalone features which can be laid out in circuit to create an obstacle course for rider of all ages and abilities.

Pump Track Elements

Picture of track elements

Our pump track is made up of 36 separate elements, which when put together form our pump track.

Pump Track Configurations

The Oval

Picture of oval track layout

The above graphic image shows the pump track as a complete oval track.

The Snake

Picture of snake layout

The picture above shows how elements of the pump track can be put together into different standalone set ups, or snakes.