School Events

Cycle Isle Trax will help pupils to develop balance, handling skills and grow their confidence on a bike.

The Pump Track is all about concentration and sharpening their handling skills.

It is totally possible to ride the Pump Track with only a few pedal pushes to get you going, then using a "Pump" technique to build and maintain speed.

As the speed rises, children will learn about leaning the bike into the berms or corners, to smoothly negotiate the track.

All in, A great experience, and new techniques learnt, with lots of fun.

Our ‎cycling skills section will enable the children to develop yet more skill, and allow them a host of new experiences.

Our minimum age is 5 years.

From the Seesaw to the limbo poles, adding in ramps, tables and the snake‎, Cycle Isle Trax has the equipment to give your pupils a great skills based session, and we come to you. We supply all the safety equipment, that is helmets, gloves and bikes, all your pupils will need for a session on the Pump Track and Cycle skills.

The Pump Track can be set-up in the playground, and depending on the size of the school hall, it can be set-up inside for all weather use.

The track is 42 metres in length, but can be made smaller to fit your school hall.

The cycle skills can also be set-up indoors or out and can be adapted to any venue size.

If you would like us to send you a schools pack please contact us or call us to discuss further.

If you would like an attraction with a difference at your Summer fete or fair‎, please contact us with your requirements.

Both Ian Munroe and Jane Munroe have valid DBS checks in place.